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I’m so bored, I want to scream. Being an unemployed college graduate is a lot harder than it looks. At first, it was nice, but now I feel like I’m not even living anymore. I feel like a zombie. I do the same thing everyday– wake up past noon, eat in bed, apply to jobs, go on Tumblr, and watch a ridiculous amount of TV. I’m over it. With each passing day, the belief that my hopes and dreams will become a reality diminishes. I see the people around me doing amazing things, and it’s hard not to be jealous of them when I feel so stuck. I crave adventure. I crave change. Unfortunately, adventures cost money and I don’t have any. I feel an enormous amount of pressure from people (but mostly myself) to not only be extraordinary, but live an extraordinary life. I fear being boring. Everyone says, with such confidence, that things will “get better”, but what do I do if they don’t?